Copyright Status Change In EXIF After Export

Ok, so I wrote about this briefly a few months ago but the original post was lost in a blog database mishap so I’m posting it again since it’s still happening.


Snapseed is a quick way to edit images and give them a little grungy stylized look. A few months ago I noticed my copyright status was changing in the file after working on the image. I’ve checked it multiple times and it never fails to change the Copyright Status to public domain. In trying to figure out where it was happening I went through each step of my workflow and checked the file each time.

I’ve verified it several times running through it like this:

  1. Exported from Lightroom as a PSD file keeping all exif and copyright data.
  2. Open in Photoshop and check info to verify Copyright Status is correct.
  3. Open in Snapseed, edit.
  4. Export as TIF from Snapseed.
  5. Open in Photoshop and the Copyright Status in exif has changed to Public Domain.

Happens with all my images wether they are shot on the 5DII, GF1 or the iPhone.

I send Nik Software and email to report the issue but have not seen any updates to the software. So, if you ever use Snapseed, be sure to check your Copyright Status is correct on export.

[1] this image shows the copyright in Lightroom set correctly.lightroom_copyright_setting

[5] After exporting from Snapseed the Copyright Status shows as public domain in Photoshop.