A Twist in Atlanta Skyline

I wanted to try something more experimental and fun this past week. I took my camera and tripod and went out to Jackson Street to have a different look a the skyline. It’s the zooming technique. I did it a number of ways. Some were with a smooth transition and others, like the two first examples below, I stopped incrementally on the long exposure. I also did some where I panned but haven’t pocessed those yet. I’ll post one up soon.

suspendedimage_atlanta_skyline_abstract suspendedimage_atlanta_skyline_abstract2 suspendedimage_atlanta_skyline suspendedimage_atlanta_skyline2

Atlanta Skyline

We’ve had some scattered storms this week. Just before they rolled in I was at the park waiting for dusk to hit. Here’s what I got just before the drops started falling. This photo will be available on istock as soon as I get my hard drive back online. Thank goodness for backups cause it was my main photo drive that just went dead without warning.