Small Shooting Space

I took a few days to organize my garage yet again, but this time I had a bigger goal. I’ve wanted to have a shooting space for quite a long time now. Still it’s not a permanent space where I can leave my lights up… I suppose I could, but just looking at the chaos of stuff “hanging out” would drive me insane. It’s big enough to put in a 9′ wide backdrop. I plan to be very selective in who I shoot there and how I use it – after all it’s in my home. I mostly enjoy shooting on location, but occasionally I need a simple backdrop.

I’ll still need to rent studio space – as there are other reasons for doing so – it’s not always just about having a little space; but for small shoots with close friends, this new space works well. I added more storage shelves to put all the “stuff” that seems to not have a particular place to live in and created curtains to streamline the look and not be distracting. Painting comes next.

These shots are from the first shoot I did in the new space. They are a combination of 2 to 3 lights and a reflector but most are 3 lights. I’ve worked with Seye Soyele on several occasions and he’s excellent to work with. He is perfect for athletic themes; but as you can see, he’s quite versatile in what he can shoot. Contact him for your next commercial project if he’s got the look you need.

Images available with a RF license: Basketball player making a move, Face of a weary doctor, Soldier grip, Hip hop culture, Exhausted male doctor, Contemplative soldier behind glasses, Bring your game, Player gripping the basketball.