Víva Las Vegas

I had a fun November break in Nevada. Not being a gambler wasn’t a problem –  we hit the shows. From the sexy Zumanity to the glamorous Divas – it was a blast! Being in great company made it even sweeter.

We even met Elvis 😉

The mountains framing the city was pretty cool to look at from the hotel each morning.

Biggest guitar I’VE ever seen.

Pool Time!

We had some fun shooting underwater this past week. I did it very cautiously though because I wasn’t using an underwater housing. Instead I used a much more affordable alternative I found on B&H Photo. I have an old school Nikonos V, but if I was to take up shooting underwater more frequently, I’d definitely want to invest in a housing for my 5DII.

Using the underwater bag style is clunky. You can’t make changes on the fly – I found shooting on Aperture Priority is the way to go. You’ll also want to adjust the monitor to be much brighter than normal so you can see it underwater because you’ll be looking through goggles, water and an additional layer of plastic and they all become factors. Objects appear 34% bigger and 25% closer underwater than they really are, so having a live preview will come in handy. If you shoot at depths deeper than 25′ then you’ll have additional factors to take into consideration because water absorbs light and at that depth you start to lose certain colors – that’s when you’ll definitely need to shoot with flash.

Go get yourself a comfortable pair of goggles and hit the water!