I recently went to the Sloss Furnaces in Alabama. Not exactly around the corner but it’s not so far away either. After some scheduling issues I ended up going just to scout the place cause there was just not enough time in a day. I hope to be able to shoot there this summer. I made the trip on my bike and took along a friend that is also a photographer and knows that area as well. The SF is full of amazing history and if you like industrial materials… you should visit.

It’s story begins just after the Civil War when in 1871 the city of Birmingham was founded. One of the founding entrepreneurs was Colonel James Withers Sloss. He ended up founding the Sloss Furnace Company in 1880. Read more at the Sloss Furnaces website.

The SF has been featured on National Geographic’s Ghost Hunters (or some similar series). The last thumbnail image above with the ladders leading out into daylight is a view from below where there is said to be the ghost of a little girl. Other visitors that day mentioned there was also a male presence. I don’t know that I do or don’t believe in the stories but I do know I didn’t hang around in the area for very long after that group suddenly moved on and left us there alone. It was pitch black in the pipe area and only 2 visible daylight points. Not exactly comforting:D

It goes without saying that our ride there was fun 😀 My small camera bag sat snug strapped onto the passenger seat of my GSXR.

On the Road

I’m not getting any younger but I’m sure far from feeling old. To celebrate my birthday this past weekend I went out and did two of my favorite things – riding and shooting. The original plan didn’t work out, then the next plan got rained on… but somewhere in between it was dry – including a birthday Sunday of beautiful weather. It’s the ride that counts and not necessarily the destination but on this glorious day a small group of us went to Mt. Cheaha.

I strapped on my GF1 and took it for a test ride. You know, that little camera I talked about a few posts ago. I got a simple harness I can wear outside my riding jacket so I can have easy access to the camera. It still requires I stop to take a photo of course but I don’t have to fiddle with taking my gloves off and fetching it from the tank bag… who’s zipper keeps getting stuck. Grrrr.

I had a blast shooting with it. I haven’t perfected the whole harness, bike, shoot thing yet but I’ll get my “workflow” established the more I do it 🙂