Serene Day at the Waterfall

It was a perfect day to enjoy some time out in nature. This waterfall in North Georgia is super easy to walk to, you just have to find it first cause it’s not well marked. It might by an 1/8th of a mile to get to from the road, where there’s a small area that will fit about 4 vehicles.suspendedimage_wtrfl2_lr

You can climb this waterfall. There’s a steep trail to the left of it where you can make your way up. Once up there you can also climb down the fall, very carefully of course. There isn’t a ton of green slippery moss, and you can actually get pretty good traction.

I did not climb to the top but the pair I went with did.



Business Abstract and…


My passion for photography always has me exploring. What to photograph. How to present it differently – cause let’s face it, everything has been done at least once. My trip to Australia has given me new breath and inspiration.

I highly recommend that if you are seeking a bit of inspiration, that you leave your desk and go do something “carelessly creative,” as I call it. For me most of the time it’s going out and shooting without rules – breaking the rules – can even just be with my cellphone. For you it may be dancing while crossing the street. Learning to play an instrument. Or as a person dear to me has recently experienced, sitting in silence with no tv, radio or technology to distract. Try multiple things until you feel your heart flutter with excitement. It will come.

If that doesn’t work… then maybe you just need a trip to Australia 😉