Hiking the Georgia Trails

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday. The sun was shining with just the right amount of cloud coverage to keep us from getting too hot. I took the kids out on a trail walk – which always requires a lot of “selling” on the idea. Not sure why cause they always have a great time when they are out there. I went with the intent to help them do some geocaching but I lost cellular connection and the app I was going to use for it wouldn’t work without it. Boo. Regardless it was a great day of exploration.









Atlanta Skyline

We’ve had some scattered storms this week. Just before they rolled in I was at the park waiting for dusk to hit. Here’s what I got just before the drops started falling. This photo will be available on istock as soon as I get my hard drive back online. Thank goodness for backups cause it was my main photo drive that just went dead without warning.