Small Shooting Space

I took a few days to organize my garage yet again, but this time I had a bigger goal. I’ve wanted to have a shooting space for quite a long time now. Still it’s not a permanent space where I can leave my lights up… I suppose I could, but just looking at the chaos of stuff “hanging out” would drive me insane. It’s big enough to put in a 9′ wide backdrop. I plan to be very selective in who I shoot there and how I use it – after all it’s in my home. I mostly enjoy shooting on location, but occasionally I need a simple backdrop.

I’ll still need to rent studio space – as there are other reasons for doing so – it’s not always just about having a little space; but for small shoots with close friends, this new space works well. I added more storage shelves to put all the “stuff” that seems to not have a particular place to live in and created curtains to streamline the look and not be distracting. Painting comes next.

These shots are from the first shoot I did in the new space. They are a combination of 2 to 3 lights and a reflector but most are 3 lights. I’ve worked with Seye Soyele on several occasions and he’s excellent to work with. He is perfect for athletic themes; but as you can see, he’s quite versatile in what he can shoot. Contact him for your next commercial project if he’s got the look you need.

Images available with a RF license: Basketball player making a move, Face of a weary doctor, Soldier grip, Hip hop culture, Exhausted male doctor, Contemplative soldier behind glasses, Bring your game, Player gripping the basketball.

Vampire in Grand Central

First opened in 1871, Grand Central Terminal is a New York icon. And it is gorgeous. This was the first time I had been inside the terminal. When I was younger, Penn Station was my usual route to NY when I didn’t drive. We did some scouting before the shooting day and got a chance to soak in the place. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our tripods for the preliminary visit so our shooting was a bit limited.


Grand Central Eagle by Candice

the terminal

Grand Central Terminal by Candice

Thanks to Candice, and after many communications, we were armed with permits and off to shoot in the space. Our plan was to shoot business, a modern day vampire, and the architecture itself. That turned out to be quite an ambitious plan and unfortunately we did not fit it all in.

But we couldn’t have asked for better people to work with that day. First, the folks at CSI rentals were a true pleasure to meet. I got a great vibe from them on the phone when I first called in the rentals and in person they were just as helpful. Chance von Spiessbach, our fabulous model, was a blast to work with and turned out to be quite the celebrity at GCT. 😉 Mia Bauman, our makeup artist, was a last minute connection that proved to be the perfect choice.

Here are some behind the scene shots of everyone at work. Left to right: Candice in zen mode. 😉 Chance working on his teeth fittings. Mia doing her artistry.

_MG_7106 _MG_7119 _MG_7122

Here are some shots from the day.


Modern Day Vampire by Marilyn



vamp portraits

Main Terminal by Marilyn

Main Terminal by Marilyn

Model: Chance von Spiessbach
Makeup Artist: Mia Bauman, 646-872-8098

Images available with a RF license: Grand Central Eagle, Grand Central Terminal, Modern Day Vampire, vampire, Vanderbilt Hall, Vampire Portrait, Bloody Teeth, Hunter, Main Terminal

Debut a Smashing Success

On February 22nd, Marilyn and I launched Suspended Image™ with a much anticipated “beauty and fashion” shoot at Seattle City Hall. We had the pleasure of working with a superb client, hair stylist Jaclyn Beith of 7 Salon, and her talented support team: assistant Zoe Le, makeup artist Annaleis Ortiz, wardrobe specialist Kristi Bleich, and models Heather Hennessy and Brittany Morgan of TCM Models.

It’s no secret that Seattle City Hall is dear to my heart. I have photographed it extensively and it remains my architectural touchstone. Last fall when Jaclyn Beith and I began discussing the prospect of shooting hair within a strong architectural context, City Hall immediately popped into my head as the perfect location … and Marilyn as the perfect photographer. We all got together in November, Jaclyn and Marilyn hit it off beautifully, and a date was set.

Planning a shoot at City Hall is not without its red tape, but the final outcome was well worth it – we had the entire place to ourselves on a Sunday! Watching Marilyn work was a great learning experience for me. I’m all about architecture, things that don’t move, and she’s all about people. I was impressed by her steady, methodical pace and uncanny ability to convert rough ideas into stunning results. She’s a dream partner and I can’t wait for our next project where we’ll both be shooting people. Did someone say Chicago…?

Heather Hennessy, model

Heather Hennessy, model

Jaclyn Beith, client

Jaclyn Beith, client

Brittany Morgan, model

Brittany Morgan, model

Gorgeous model, gorgeous architecture

Gorgeous model, gorgeous architecture


Marilyn shooting Brittany