Atlanta Fall Events

Autumn brings a ton of fun to Georgia – from the Taste of Atlanta to Zombie Walks! To start of the season, this past weekend I went to the Pride Parade with my camera in hand. I rode down on my motorcycle so I could maneuver my way more easily and get good parking. I managed to do that, but running around in biker boots really was… uh, no fun. No cushion – only steel that is meant to protect your feet in a crash. Yes, that was a choice I had to make before hopping on. I usually lean towards safety rather than comfort, especially when traveling on the interstate and for quite a stretch. But nonetheless I made it work . My back was NOT very happy with me by the end of the day.

I missed the protesters of the parade. I wanted to photograph the extremist so-called “Christians” that hold up signs condemning gays to hell. That’s not all they display but that’s the usual. Maybe I’ll catch them next year. I know many have documented them already but I’d like to do it through my own eyes. These were the same voices I’d hear preaching weekly in church, while I was growing up. Condemning gays to hell. Equating gays with child pedophiles and other times preaching it was a mental illness. What emotional atrocities they committed and so many are still doing. I think it’s very important to document the ignorance and use it to teach others and hopefully one day, these same people, will look back with regret and see their ignorance and bigotry and all the damage they did once.

Stop the Hate campaign. They held posters of children who have been murdered or committed suicide because of the hatred for gays their tormentors had.

The spirit of what the Pride Parade means was punctuated on Sunday. The sheer joy on the faces I saw of participants marching down the street.

The street sidewalks lined with thousands of supporters, both gay and straight. Waving flags and cheering on their family and friends.

Standing there, nobody was better than anyone else – everyone was equal. Gay, straight or asexual. White, black or any of the many other ethnicities. Religious or not. Young or senior. Not judging anyone but all gathered to celebrate life, liberty and of course… the pursuit of happiness.

Local celebrities came out to show their support. Clark Howard below.

Q100 – The Bert Show’s Jeff Dauler, Kristin Klingshirn were up front on their crazy float. You can see Bert’s jeans here in between the balloon arch 😉

Love = love.