New Suspended Image

The first quarter of the year has flown by! I had not really being able to announce any new happenings simply because the Suspended Image site was under redesign and the updates being done were all hidden ’till now. Now there’s a new logo, new site, new blog, new business cards and it’s now just me. Candice will be continuing her work at UrbanGlimpses which has also undergone a lovely redesign early in the year. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate on a few projects with her, and surely we may have the chance again in the future, but we’re each excited we’ve got a new-found direction to pursue.

So the new Suspended Image site is now live. There are a few kinks in it that are being refined but will be tackled very soon. Some exciting and scary things happening this year and *fingers crossed* will be a fantastic one.