On the Road

I’m not getting any younger but I’m sure far from feeling old. To celebrate my birthday this past weekend I went out and did two of my favorite things – riding and shooting. The original plan didn’t work out, then the next plan got rained on… but somewhere in between it was dry – including a birthday Sunday of beautiful weather. It’s the ride that counts and not necessarily the destination but on this glorious day a small group of us went to Mt. Cheaha.

I strapped on my GF1 and took it for a test ride. You know, that little camera I talked about a few posts ago. I got a simple harness I can wear outside my riding jacket so I can have easy access to the camera. It still requires I stop to take a photo of course but I don’t have to fiddle with taking my gloves off and fetching it from the tank bag… who’s zipper keeps getting stuck. Grrrr.

I had a blast shooting with it. I haven’t perfected the whole harness, bike, shoot thing yet but I’ll get my “workflow” established the more I do it 🙂