What She Said

Our last day in Chicago was one long downpour, so we decided to make the best of it and visit the Art Institute. Little did I know what amazing pieces were waiting inside but, first things first … we needed tickets!

We shuffled over to the ticket counter and were greeted by a pleasant lady. By the end of this transaction I was rolling with laughter. :)) Seems Candice misunderstood the question she was asked.

So what did the lady at the ticket counter ask?

  1. What’s your best pose?
  2. What’s that on your nose?
  3. What color are your toes?
  4. What’s your zip code?

Candice paused, clearly baffled, halfheartedly struck a pose, then asked for clarification on the question. The lady couldn’t possibly be asking what she heard, right?! LOL. The moment was priceless. We all had a good laugh and that lovely museum employee will probably be telling that story every time someone misunderstands her question. :))

The museum came with an unexpected surprise for me. When I looked through the hallway opening and saw Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand-Jatte (1884-1886) by Georges Seurat, it took my breath away. It was huge and all inspiring. Oh … and Monet? He was next door. 🙂 I won’t go on about it. Suffice to say, it was a fantastic day. Here are some random snapshots from our Chicago weekend (mostly iPhone shots in the mix). You can find more snaps in the iPhone Diaries.


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  1. Look at you standing to the side, quietly reading the description of Grand-Jatte — get in there and stare at the dots like everyone else!

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